Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

20 Oct

I love the evening summer air – the calm and peace it ushers in after a crazy day. Inhale, exhale. With each breath, a refreshing scent that transports me back to my youth. This is nostalgia at its best.

The picture is blurred, but I can still smell the fragrance of summer–hints of freshly-cut grass and traces of laundry spinning in the dryer. The trade wind breeze rustles through the tangerine tree in the corner of my backyard. Tip-toeing onto the creaky, wooden fence, I catch a glimpse of the fading sunset over the harbor below. The picture is clearer now. The last arms of the sun’s rays melt into the ocean, soon to be replaced by a pink-hewn sky, as if a child would smear his sketchpad with rose and violet watercolors. The canvas sky prepares itself for a new transformation–a backdrop of twinkling stars.

Goodbye sun, goodbye summer…

Though my favorite season is gone for now, I’m already filled with excitement for the sights and scents of fall–green leaves becoming golden amber and deep crimson, the smell of wood crackling under a cozy fire, hot chocolate and a warm blanket, and friends gathering over a warm and hearty, crockpot meal.

Inhale, exhale.

Hello Fall : )


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