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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

20 Oct

I love the evening summer air – the calm and peace it ushers in after a crazy day. Inhale, exhale. With each breath, a refreshing scent that transports me back to my youth. This is nostalgia at its best.

The picture is blurred, but I can still smell the fragrance of summer–hints of freshly-cut grass and traces of laundry spinning in the dryer. The trade wind breeze rustles through the tangerine tree in the corner of my backyard. Tip-toeing onto the creaky, wooden fence, I catch a glimpse of the fading sunset over the harbor below. The picture is clearer now. The last arms of the sun’s rays melt into the ocean, soon to be replaced by a pink-hewn sky, as if a child would smear his sketchpad with rose and violet watercolors. The canvas sky prepares itself for a new transformation–a backdrop of twinkling stars.

Goodbye sun, goodbye summer…

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Cappuccino Smile

10 Oct

Just a note to say I haven’t forgotten about this blog; I know it’s been awhile, but I hope to post again soon : )