The Mystery Fruit

20 Oct


“Try these and guess what they are,” my co-worker said.

I chewed on one of the tiny, olive-shaped fruits and was pleasantly surprised by a sweet and familiar taste. Before I could respond with an answer, my co-worker exclaimed, “They’re kiwis!”

Instantly, it all made sense; yes, that was the exact flavor I was tasting. Kiwis! But they didn’t look anything like kiwis – where was the fuzzy, brown skin? And why were they so tiny? My co-worker went on to explain that these were another smaller kiwi variety, called Hardy kiwis. She had found them at her local farmer’s market and had a similar reaction when she discovered them.

To my delight, when I went to a nearby farmer’s market last week, I happened upon a fruit stand selling Hardy kiwis. Instantly I recognized them and eagerly exclaimed to the seller that I knew what they were and had just tried them for the first time a couple days before. I bought a container of the yummy fruits and nearly ate half within the first day : P I love the fact that there is no peeling involved; simply pop the baby kiwis into your mouth as if snacking on grapes – convenient and delicious!


One Response to “The Mystery Fruit”

  1. janny October 28, 2009 at 6:15 pm #

    Not a huge fan of kiwis, but these are adorable so that I’d like to try them. 🙂

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